Who can join?

The Staff Common Room is your organisation, and you can make as much or as little of it as you like. It is open to all staff, academic or not, and to postgraduate research students, and needs your support in order to survive. Its purpose is to act as a Staff Club for all who wish to join.

Because of Covid 19 restrictions since 2020 no events were possible after March that year, but the Bar re-opened for lunch service Tuesday - Friday from 5th October. During our "quiet period" we agreed to carry forward all 2019 subscriptions until 2021. They are now be due by the end of October. Unfortunately, University Payroll is no longer able to collect these for us from salaries, so we must ask existing staff members to make new arrangements to pay for your membership. (This DOES NOT AFFECT Retired & Associate members who already pay by standing order each year - we are very grateful to the many of you who chose to let their payments be made as usual a year ago!)

Obviously to operate all our social events and the bar we do need subscriptions in again this year. As staff members will no longer renew automatically on the mandates you've given us, PLEASE sign up in one of the new ways as soon as possible! If you click the PayPal or credit card link below you will sign up for an automatically renewing annual subscription (unchanged at 20 Pounds) - and of course you can opt to pay PayPal through a card if you wish. This will renew on the first anniversary of your re-joining this way. New members can also of course join this way.

Subscriptions & Applications for Membership

Alternatively existing staff members can renew their subscription by completing the standing order mandate which can be downloaded here.

There are two kinds of SCR membership - ordinary and associate.

Ordinary membership

of the SCR is open to all current staff members of the University and part-time staff paid on national scales, including those whose employment is subject to a probationary period. Members may bring up to three guests into the SCR on any one occasion. Spouses and partners of members may use the facilities without additional subscription.

The current subscription fee is twenty pounds per annum. For research students who are not staff the subscription is ten pounds per annum. Please contact the Membership Secretary. to join at the 10 Pound rate.

Associate membership

is open to retired staff, Fellows of the University and Science Park staff. Full details may be found in the copy of the Constitution posted on the notice board in the SCR suite, or may be obtained from the Secretary. For most of these categories the concessionary subscription is ten pounds per annum.

Staff Catering in Keele Hall

The SCR Committee worked with Catering in Keele Hall to look at ways in which they can deliver their lunchtime food offer.

We are delighted that, as part of the agreement, existing SCR services and facilities were safeguarded with a 10% discount on all the food for our members, on use of a Keele card to pay for the meal. Cards can currently be charged with money in Chancellor's Building, or online. A sample menu is attached, and under our Constitution temporary membership is available for others when buying from this range. This is an ideal location for staff and SCR members to meet for lunch with colleagues and friends. Food is normally served in both the Bar and the Common Room.

For Staff Members needing to resign membership, e.g. if leaving the staff shortly after the annual payment is due, the following is the procedure: simply stop their PayPal or standing order future payments, and email to this effect to the Membership Secretary.

The last Membership Circular, an earlier one, describing in more detail the advantages of membership, and produced by the Committee in November 2006, and a questionnaire circulated a few years ago which led to a number of our newest initiatives, are available to download here:

  • 2019 Membership Circular
  • Membership Questionnaire - new initiatives for the SCR
  • Membership Information from 2006 to download

    The SCR Facebook Page can also be accessed from here, as can details of the Membership Email List.